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The first thing I did this morning was check the analytics on (data is always reported a day behind). I already knew from watching the live real-time stats on Tuesday night that there was more traffic than I had even been expecting. I don’t want to get specific on the traffic numbers, but I will say that it was 4 digits for Tuesday alone. It should also be mentioned that 70% of the visitors were on mobile devices, and 15% were on tablets. Yet another loud cry to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention that anything on the Internet that is not easily consumed on mobile devices is quickly becoming worthless to the majority of users.

Here are some thoughts for what I’d like to add for the next election:

  • Forced refresh when new data is posted on current viewers. At one moment, there were nearly 100 visitors on the page currently. I had no way of forcing a refresh on those users after I updated the votes, so users would have had to refresh manually on their own to see the latest. Next time I will have a way to force this refresh when I update the vote counts, so users can “watch” the page without needing to refresh.
  • There needs to be more social integration. Listing the candidates social accounts on the page would be nice, giving a way to easily research each candidate and go follow them if you’d like. I also would like to have some sort of “I Voted, did you?” Facebook share button that user’s can post to their FB walls showing they voted. Still debating the possibility of declaring who you support – wondering if people want to proudly declare to their FB friends who they voted for, or if this is going too far, even in today’s “share everything” society
  • Polling location information should be added. Next time, I will have at least links to where people can find their polling location. Still debating on going farther and providing maps and a lookup, but I don’t want to be responsible for it completely, there are always changes to locations the day of a election it seems.

It was a lot of fun getting the votes in and posting them (faster than the guys on TV could announce it) while watching the real-time “user’s currently on your page” in Google Analytics. It is projects like this that remind me why I got into this field 15 years ago and I can’t wait for the next election and do it again, but even better.

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