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I recently was finally able to try out a WordPress plugin that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.  That plugin is Advanced Custom Fields.I had heard really good things about the plugin, but I had no idea that I’d like it as much as I did, in fact I knew after about 5 minutes of testing it that A) I was going to buy the PRO version and B) I would probably use this plugin for every WordPress site I build thereafter.

The plugin adds a plethora of functionality to the custom fields concept, and makes it a breeze to add the field data into the template.  The PRO version, which is only $75 and can be used on unlimited sites adds the functionality of a repeater field.  This works well for list items down a page such as staff bios, restaurant menu items, home listings, etc.  ACF is the final piece of the puzzle that makes WordPress a top notch Content Management System.

I’ve seen other solutions in purchased themes from around, and haven’t been happy with any of them, in fact I usually find them extremely difficult to work with and end up thinking HTML in the content box is actually better.  ACF though has created a simple UI that doesn’t feel like a plugin, if WordPress were to ever add these features to core, it look and work just like this.

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